It's easy to gain respect when you command it; it's harder to gain respect when you demand it. - The Top Ten Laws of Respect.

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EKTIMIS - The EKTIMIS Respect Model Wall Poster - A Comprehensive Knowledge Resource and Learning Guide EKTIMIS Speaking Program - Respect and Leadership EKTIMIS - Books on Respect - The Top Ten Laws of Respect - Triple Pack
The EKTIMIS Respect Model Giant Wall Poster (24" x 32") - A Powerful Resource and Guide for individuals charged with teaching respect, modeling respect, and instilling respect in others. (Available Soon).
The speaker introduces the powerful concept of respect as the cornerstone of a healthy and sustainable relationship. Respect is presented in a renewed light, covering the principles that govern the essence of respect, the principles that govern fundamental factors that explain the way you gain and lose respect, and the principles that govern factors and practices that enable a person to maintain respect. The speaker goes on to illustrate the powerful nexus between respect and leadership, and how the two principles form the basis for a lasting relationship in any environment.
A Triple Value - The Top Ten Laws of Respect - A Personal Guide, The Top Ten Laws of Respect in the Workplace - A Professional Guide, and The Top Ten Laws of Respect at Home - A Family Guide (Paperbacks) by N. Taiwo.